Our Mission

To help you get a great deal on your home mortgage and show you how to pay it off fast.



At United Mortgage, we come to work every day to solve one of the biggest problems in buying a home. Paying too much in interest charges and not choosing the right home. Buying a home is exciting, nerve wrecking and even downright scary all at the time. In the midst of mixed emotions, two things are often overlooked:

1. Having a game plan to pay off your mortgage.

2. Is the home you're buying the right fit for the foreseeable future?

Both of these things have a huge impact on your finances. Not having a plan to pay off your mortgage means you're probably going to pay too much on the interest on your mortgage. Without a plan, how will you know if the mortgage you have serves your best interests?

Finding the right home is equally important. Taking the time to think through important aspects can save a lot of frustration and money in the long run. The complaints about not buying the right home we typically hear are:

1. The home is too big and expensive to maintain.

2. The daily commute to and from work is too much. The time and cost begin to have a toll.

3. Deferred maintenance from previous owners is getting expensive.

4. Poor build quality is costing a lot to fix or upgrade.

5. Poor landscaping decisions with trees are costing a small fortune to rectify.

When you choose us to do your loan or represent you as your real estate agents, we will present you with all the information we have so you can make an informed decision. We'll fight for your best interest and custom tailor a plan to better manage your finances so you can be debt free faster



Benu drives the strategic vision at United Mortgage to find new ways to help clients as the company and industry evolves. She manages and cultivates direct relationships with wholesale lenders to offer the best loan programs with low interest rates.

Benu is an expert and lifelong student in mortgage financing. She utilizes creativity and guile to structure deals that serves the best interests of her clients.

Her team is comprised of the best and brightest in home loans and real estate where transparency and integrity are the foundation of every deal


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